As a signatory of the UNPRI, JAG believes that a focus on sustainable and impactful investments can assist clients in achieving their investment goals while building a better future for us all.

We have decades of experience working with investors focused on SRI (socially responsible investing). We assist clients in developing and complying with SRI policy guidelines, and we provide ongoing input on social investing issues that are important to them. Additionally, JAG has long maintained a baseline, firm-wide prohibition against the ownership of securities of companies engaged in the manufacture of distilled spirits, tobacco products, or offensive weaponry.

JAG’s approach to ESG (environment, social, and governance) investing is transparent and quantifiable.  We utilize a propriety model that integrates our traditional investment criteria with select ESG factors to produce a “best-of-the-best” selection of impact securities. JAG’s model places the greatest weight on ESG factors relating to environmental conservation, workplace and product safety, and corporate integrity.